“Thanks for all the care and time you take for choosing the right insurance for us and countless others. You always take time to listen to our needs and for that we are eternally grateful.” – S.K.

“Thanks so much for all the help on so many occasions with my insurance. The kindness you have shown others is quite remarkable- It must be a gift from God. May he continue to bless you and your wonderful business.” – D.S.

“Thank you so much for all of you help with my insurance. I can’t believe that any insurance salesman would tell someone to stay with what they had and lose a sale because it would be cheaper for the customer. Your honesty and integrity has amazed me. I will definitely tell everyone I know about you and how honest you were with me. You guys are very special people.” – A.M.

“Thanks for all the care and time you take for choosing the right insurance for us and countless others and always taking time to listen to our needs.” -T.S.
“I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for all your help. The warmest thanks for everything you have done. Thanks for all your support.” -A.M.
“Thanks so much for all the help on many occasions you have given me on my insurance this year. The kindness you show to others is quite remarkable- it has to be a gift from God.” – G.J.
“Thank you so much for all of your help and especially your kind note checking on me. As they say on TV “I needed that!” I am so happy I have you guys to care for me and to help me each year. I feel pleasured to call you all friends.” – M.S.
“I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us. We got everything we had hoped for and more. I don’t understand how you can always help and never expect anything in return but thank you anyways for being such a servant in our community.” – R.R.
“I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for all your help. The warmest thanks for everything you have done and for all of your support.” – L.F.
” Perkins & Associates is really proactive in helping you. They are incredibly responsive when we need help or have questions. They are always just a phone call or email away.” – C.M.
“It was such a pleasure getting to know you guys. We appreciate all you do to help us figure out things with our insurance and finances at this stage in our lives. Your generosity and honesty is so refreshing. Like you if we each pay it forward and help others we can truly make a difference in this world and in our community. God Bless!” – B.P.
“Thank you so much for all of your help with my insurance mess. I am so glad I can count on you to figure everything out when it seems like there is no good answer.” – G.M
“Thanks to you guys for being so generous and friendly. I know I can always call if I get something I don’t understand or if I need help figuring out what to do. You are always glad to help me whether the problem is big or small.” – P.D


“Thank you so much for your help. Your unmatched customer service coupled with strong subject matter expertise was exactly what we were missing in our company with our previous insurance. I am so glad we found you guys.” – R.H.
“Julie is a great resource of knowledge for the insurance industry. She is up to date on all of the latest plan designs and programs and can recommend a perfect fit for any company. Most importantly, she saved us money and time because I know that when I call them, they’ll take care of my issue quickly and correctly.” – C. F.
“You have gone out of your way to find us the best plans to meet our needs. Thanks for taking the time to deal with any special needs of our employees and making us feel like a priority. You guys are definitely the best fit for our team, I am so glad to have you as a resource.” – F.F.
“You guys are the Best! With the changes in insurance glad we came to Perkins & Associates Insurance Specialists!” – B.C.
“Thank You so much for all your Help this year. You have gone above and beyond to help us figure out what to do!” – R.C.
“Thank you so much for always looking out for me and taking care of everything. I am so glad I don’t have to worry about anything because you are always one step ahead of me.” – D. K.
“Thank you for the help the other day in filling out insurance forms with me. I was able to give them to the company and they looked so professional. I truly appreciate your kindness and helpfulness.” – M.S.

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