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Client Meetings

Meetings with our clients will be held on a regular basis in order to abate benefit issues and resolve any current concerns. Our clients will set the frequency of these meetings based on their need and desire to meet. Discussion topics include desired benefit changes for the upcoming renewal, claims resolution, compliance requirements and any upcoming important deadlines.

Renewal Presentation

We serve as a client liaison to multiple benefit carriers on behalf of our clients. Each year at their renewal date, we will compile and organize employee benefit proposals from carriers for the renewal presentation. Each benefit plan in the renewal presentation will be reviewed and recommended changes will be discussed as well as enhancements to the overall benefit package. Innovative, creative, and financial conscious ideas will be brought to the meeting for consideration.

Employee Enrollment Insurance

There are a variety of enrollment methods available to our clients. We will assist our clients in choosing the enrollment method that will be most beneficial to their workforce. We will conduct meetings with employees to communicate any new benefits or changes in coverage, if the employer so desires. We will provide any paper materials, if needed, such as benefit explanation pieces. After enrollment is complete, we will work with the carrier to ensure a smooth transition into the new plan year while keeping the employer updated throughout the process.


The Affordable Care Act requires the employer provide certain federal, state, and plan documents to employees. We provide these documents to our clients and will provide instructions on the required methods of dissemination. We offer guidance to our clients on how best to document proof of compliance.

Continued Communication

We partner with several organizations who help us provide our clients with any regulatory updates that affect group benefit plans and businesses in general. These partners also help us bring a variety of webinars that will help our clients with any human resources challenges. These additional resources can be valuable to day-to-day operations as well.

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