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Individual Health Insurance

Healthcare Reform brought about the most sweeping changes to our health insurance system since…….well, ever. How can it benefit you? What options are available to you? What will it cost you? What are the downsides? What qualifies as a life changing event? When am I eligible? At Perkins & Associates, we can provide those answers for you. We help you navigate the complexities of Healthcare Reform in order to make it work for you. Everyone has been affected by the Affordable Care Act and have either been a winner or a loser under it. We view it as our role to help you win big or lose small depending on which of those you fall under.

Medicare Products

How can they make it this complicated? One of the most critical parts of your financial life is your healthcare and when you become eligible for Medicare you have more options than you have ever had before but they are also more confusing than they have ever been before. We help you sort through all of those options and come up with the most cost effective plan that suits your unique situation for both healthcare and prescription drug needs. We also help you stay up to date with and make adjustments for changing circumstances (your’s, Medicare’s and your coverage providers’).

Life Insurance

Death can be devastating both emotionally and financially. There is little that can mitigate the emotional loss of death but life insurance can make sure that an emotional tragedy doesn’t turn into a financial one. We help you through that with a variety of life insurance products, from term life to whole life and universal life products. So whether you need a policy that will pay for a funeral or policy to protect a family’s livelihood, we can help you find a solution.

Long Term Care Insurance

One of the things all of us are faced with at some point in our lives is the need for Long Term Care Services, either for ourselves or family members. We have all seen those situations up close and know how financially challenging, if not devastating, they can be. Long Term Care insurance gives you a way to plan for that time and reduce stress on your loved ones and yourself when it arrives.

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